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Indian Rock Yoga
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Indian Rock Yoga provides a nurturing environment for the practice of yoga, enabling our students to achieve their highest potential in supportive surroundings. Our focus is on the individual needs of each practitioner, encouraging advancement but never forcing it. Indian Rock Yoga teachers are all members of the National Yoga Alliance and have extensive certification training that exceeds National Yoga Alliance requirements. They are chosen not only for their long histories of yoga practice, but also for their dedication to lifelong yoga learning. Because we understand that yoga means many things to many people we are committed to maintaining a fluid yoga practice and to staying in touch with the latest nuances of yoga teaching. Indian Rock Yoga’s promise is to ensure the highest levels of yoga experience for each and every student. A deep and personal concern for the physical and spiritual well-being of our students is the touchstone priority of our studio. Practicing yoga refers to the practice of unifying the physical body, the mind and the spirit represented by the breath. Hatha yoga involves a series of physical postures called asanas. Through its practice, we work to tame the mind, by focusing on the breath, and clear the body of any blockages that impede the flow of prana, or life energy. As a result, a practitioner feels physically and energetically cleansed and refreshed after a Hatha yoga practice. Hatha yoga is non competitive. Everyone is encouraged ?to work to the best of his or her ability each time she comes to the mat. A Hatha yoga practice is individual and will be affected by physical conditions, life situations and patterns of tension in the body and breath. No one’s practice will look quite the same as another's nor will it necessarily look the same from one day to another.

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