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Mangai Dance Academy
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Being a professional Bharatanayam dancer since age of 6 and 5 Years of experience in teaching and has given a number of performances all over India. Mangai Dance Academy is a school dedicated to classical dance Education and drives to promote an interest in and enthusiasm for Bharatanatyam amongst the young peopel of today. We offering a holistic and fluid grace of the Thanzavoor style curriculum and More importantly students are taught to understand and appreciate the subtle and non-competitive environment.Training will be in both theoretical and practical aspects of Bharatanatyam , when student achieves the level of finess in dance then provided opportunity to perform various performances in stage. Bharatanatyam to students ages 5 and above. Bharatnatyam-pure classical,student will learn 3 level aspects to dance; Nritta, Nritya and Natya. Nritta is a pure dance without any emotions or expressions and It involves rhythmic dance were movements of the body do not convey any mood or meaning.Nritya involves emotions and expressions, where the lyrics of the song are conveyed using hand gestures (hasta mudras) and facial expressions (abhinaya).Natya means dramatic representation or drama with speech, music and dancing. Natya is combination of Nritta & Nritya.

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