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Hi and welcome to Strong Mama Fitness! My name is Tal Siperman Cohen, I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I started my fitness carrier in 2010, after years of dancing, playing basketball and running. I love seeing what physical activity does to people. I still see it every day, and I believe in its importance with all of my heart. I went through some rough times growing up. I was laughed at, made fun of and teased by my classmates. I know how much a negative self-image can hurt you. Now, as a mother of two young boys who also has postpartum struggles, I know how important it is to find the right environment where you can feel safe to stick to your own routine. When I was pregnant, I looked for that place that will allow me to be me, a place where I can keep working out without having people looking at my big tummy and throwing random remarks at me about my workouts. Unfortunately, I didn't find places that offers actual workout classes to pregnant women. After I had my first baby, I wanted to bring him with me to the gym, but I wasn't allowed to do so until he was six month old. Once I got the okay to bring him in it was still hard, as I was anxious about leaving him away from me in another room. ? For those reasons, I feel it is my mission to help other women feel secure about themselves, their choices and who they are, and allow them to take care of themselves while taking care of their little one. I believe that every women has the right to chose her path in life and I would love to assist in every way I can. My brand, Strong Mama Fitness, is about empowering women. Mama, by the way, doesn’t come from “mother”. In my native language Mama is a feminine form of endearment, kind of like calling someone “sweetie” or “love.” It’s a word I’ve been using my entire life, sometimes it even slips when I talk to my boys. So if you are a woman, you are a Mama to me!

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